Premium membership.

Premium membership

The normal service of OneSignature (including any functionality, development, hosting and such) are being offered to all users for free and will always remain free in the future.

However, to help cover costs of everything, OneSignature does offer a premium membership which includes higher limits on the number of signatures, full analytics and more. For only $20.00 (USD) per year you can sign up for premium membership.

Features included

Signature limit from 10 to 150 signatures.
Filesize limit from 200Kb to 512Kb (per signature).
Detailed analytics and logging.
No watermarks on signatures.
Minimum compression on output.


We currently accept payment through PayPal.

You can signup while logged in and on Home, you'll see "YourName (User) (Upgrade)", simply click Upgrade, after which you'll be taken through automatic payment via PayPal and will have the premium membership applied near instantly afterward.

If you're still unsure if you want it, feel free to go to the Contact page and contact me via one of the methods for a free trial membership, you'll have full access to everything a premium member gets for a few days to try it out.

After which you can click Upgrade as stated above to get a premium account, or the trial membership will expire after a few days and your account will return to a free user account. :)