Frequently Asked Questions.

Why would I need OneSignature?

If you have multiple images you want to use for a signature on any compatible site (like a forum, myspace, etc), be able to control signatures per-website, have a random-signature, etc.. then OneSignature is probably perfect for you.

Is OneSignature complicated?

The heart of OneSignature itself is very easy and quick to get started. The easiest way to use the service is to simply upload your images to the site directly. No FTP'ing, no weird or time consuming instructions or anything like that.

Once uploaded, you have full control of each signature, and can enable/disable them, start adding websites and assigning signatures if you wish and all that other fun stuff.

Will this work on any website/forum?

While we provide no guarantees on this (and can't), as long as the website or forum allows jpg image extensions for signatures, the OneSignature service should work as intended. All the website/forum needs to support is either BBCode, HTML, XHTML, Images, etc.. and jpg image extensions.

The account extension may be expanded in the future so gif, png and such could be used, please note however the OneSignature service displays many formats of images dispite what account extension is used (eg.. domain/name.gif). For example, it would display a jpg or png even if the account extension was gif.

What image extensions are supported?

The OneSignature service at this time supports PNG, JPG and GIF (even animated gif) images for uploading.
We may add formats as needed in the future, but hold no guarantees on this aspect.

Are there any limitations?

At this time image dimensions are limited to 800px in width and 400px in height for both free and premium accounts.

Free accounts have a limit of 200Kb per signature while premium accounts have a limit of 512Kb per signature. We feel these limits should be more than enough for most users with the exception of animated signatures. We found that most webmasters frown upon signatures over 512Kb due to them increasing page load times for users with slower connections, or ones with limited bandwidth per month.

Free accounts are limited to a maximum of 10 signatures at one time and may include a watermark (a small transparent OneSignature logo in the bottom right corner), management per website has no limitations.

For paid options please check out our premium membership page.

Your logo looks like Chromes logo!

While similar, our design was in fact not based off Chromes own logo and has nothing to do with it. The center of ours signifies the signature, while the red, green and blue design around it has two meanings..

One relates to the RGB color space and the near endless colors provided by it, hence meaning one signature, endless possibilities. It also has meaning towards randomization, one signature, different colors around it in the same shape.

The cake is a lie?