E.T. contact us.
Should you ever need to contact me, whether it's for help, assistance, a comment, a suggestion or anything at all, you can find the info below. The fastest way to get ahold of me is by instant messenger (either aim, yim, or msn), or via our official irc channel, and lastly you can try email, I can usually respond within 24 hours of receiving an email.

If you're trying to contact me regarding a basic question on the site, please make sure you've checked the Help button on the page you're going to be contacting for, as I do try to cover the basic questions that people might be looking for. If the help page doesn't have the information you're looking for, then by all means, feel free to contact me. :)

Email: alt@rivalflame.com
Email: alt@onesig.com

You can also find me on our official irc channel by going to irc.GlobalGamers.net and joining #rival on the network.