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So, you want to know a little about us, maybe even why this site and service exist?

It started a few years back when I wanted a forum signature that could be random upon load or view. To do this however meant I had to whip up some php files and use htaccess settings to make jpg extensions run php code, back then I had just a file do it and had to manually update it all the time to add signatures and keep it up to date.

From there I updated it to be a little more automated, where it would read from a directory and all I had to do was upload the signatures to have them random, eventually that got old and in late 2009 I decided to create a project named randSig for the start of 2010. It's goal was to be a web based signature service that let me upload, manage, organize, view analytics and more.

Over the months the service came to life as a beta and the name of the service changed to OneSignature, to signify only needing one url or address for an unlimited number of possible signatures, doing away with any category based types that you still have to change on certain sites, etc... after testing for about a year the service went live with a new design to match Rivalflame.

We aim to innovate the future of signature hosting and we already offer many unique features that other signature hosting sites seem to lack. Some include website based signatures, having certain signatures load on a specific site, analytics for it all and much more. We've been around since the start of 2010 and have no plans to go anywhere soon.