One delicious lie.
Welcome to OneSignature
You're probably wondering, what is this OneSignature thing?

OneSignature is a single url signature hosting that is built on the idea that forum, website and other image based signatures can be more intuitive, efficient and useful. No more having dozens of urls/links or having to switch them everytime you change your signature.

Ever seen those signatures on forums, websites, etc that change everytime the page is loaded? With OneSignature you can have random signatures on page load, have website specific signatures and more, all via our web control panel.

OneSignature also provides detailed analytics for each premium account, this includes daily views, monthly views, by day/hour, website views, signature views, logging and more!

We are redefining what signature hosting is, what it's capable of and extending it further to create a one of a kind service for our users, so why not try out it today?

OneSignature is probably the last signature host you'll ever need.
What's included?
Full web control panel.
Site specific signatures.
Up to 10 signatures*.
Up to 200Kb per signature*.
Up to 800x400 dimensions.
PNG, JPG, GIF support.
Animated GIF support.
Detailed analytics*.
Completely free.

And much, much more!
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